Revolutionary Petunias~~~

In her tome of seminal poems Revolutionary Petunias, Alice Walker penned these lines that upon my reading seeped into my blood and settled in my bones:

 The nature of this flower is to bloom…

 These words made me think about womanhood, sisterhood, and personhood vis a vis their essential qualities and characteristics. This is what the nature of something is, that which it is borne to do, to become and if need be, to struggle against, anything that attempts to obscure or impede it’s fundamental drive to survive and flourish. 

This past week, law enforcement officials in Philadelphia reported that for 2009, there appeared to have been a marked increase in the number of homicides of women perpetrated by their estranged husbands and/or domestic partners in spite of existing orders of protection (aka~restraining orders)  These statistics rendered by the Philadelphia law authorities, are simply a microcosm of a local and global societal ill. Having worked as a counselor/advocate in the area of Domestic Violence prevention for multiple years, there is one thing I am certain of : an order of protection isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on if the women/victim is not empowered by the social structure in which she lives.  V-day is approaching (February 14, 2010) and it is for this very purpose that this day was created. The day of “love” has been appropriated to empower people, men and women alike, to bring an end to the violence against women in their communities.